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Linda Strang is fond of telling the story of how Townsend Drew headed west from New York with his family in 1836. When he began his trip, he never dreamed that he would be starting a family tradition in the Marion Township of Michigan. Yet, when his wagon got wet fording the Shiawassee River and his youngest daughter took ill, the Drews decided to stay a while.

Well, this stopover has been going on for over six generations now and that is exactly why Linda takes such pride in talking about his trip. You see, Townsend was Linda's Great-great-grandfather and it was this journey that brought her family to the place where they have lived for the last 160 years. And, from farmers to poets, they all have been so inspired by this land that they have stayed on generation after generation. Linda too has felt this calling in her own way and pursued a career in real estate.

It comes as no surprise that she would want to help others share her love for the land of her ancestors. But to simply categorize her as a local iconPhoto 2 wouldn't do justice to her real motivations. "I've taken quite a bit of my family spirit with me into my real estate career, I've always maintained an old-fashioned view of the world," she says. "Honest, simple, straightforward is how my family liked things and that's just the way I would like them to be."

"I believe that my clients are my neighbors, so they deserve not just satisfaction but the very best effort I can put forth," she says. "I pride myself on doing the very best I can at all times." To that end, she takes the time to sit down and really listen to you. For her, real estate is simple. She finds out your needs and wants, then she locates what you are looking for. Of course, getting there isn't quite so simple.

It's for this reason that Linda has adopted the approach of combining the old-fashioned service and commitment her family has always stood for with the most up to date techniques available. Her cutting edge marketing techniques will obtain the results you are looking for when you are selling your home. If you are buying a home, her knowledge of the local market and computerized home searching will help narrow down the choices to the select group you would be interested in. It also allows her the luxury of being able to have at her disposal the vital information on your home such as schools, street trends and commuting time. That way she can not only do the most effective job selling your home but give you the ability to make an informed choice if you are buying.

Linda StrangSince 1836, Linda Strang's family has had a stake in Livingston County. Since that time this land has inspired seven generations to be everything from farmers to poets. Yet, despite the diversity of their pursuits, the one thing that they have in common is a love of the land itself. And, Linda is just a chip off the old block.

So, if you are interested in real estate in Livingston County, give Linda Strang a call today.