The new way to confirm QSO's

...and connect with old friends

If you're an AirSho member, you can be found though your current or former call sign.

AirSho also makes it possible to document QSO's. Your AirSho web page with all its images, social and web links, log & audio (QSO) recordings can be archived, saved or printed.  AirSho custom designed Legacy QSL cards can be turned into collectible post cards (2-sided, like the good old days) using any 2-sided printer.

Want a FREE logo with all the call signs you've owned? The graphic is FREE when you help us promote ham radio (increasing band activity) by simply getting friends to become AirSho members. Remind them membership is FREE.

All the time, effort and money hams put into their hobby is worthy of remembering -- "rig & shack" photo albums make ideal desktop PC slide shows or club presentations.  We hams are surrounded by memories of our hobby.  Got pics of your antenna construction?  If not the actual equipment, great looking images of every piece of gear you've owned could not be easier to find (search Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL) waiting for you to turn them into your personal "rig & shack" museum showcase.    
What else might you include in your AirSho web page? How about that variety of QSL cards you had printed over the years?  Got a YouTube video of a club meeting, classroom instruction, Hamfest or other event?  After adding them, they can easily (one click) be posted to any social media site.

The right content in a web or mobile device page can make anybody look good (big shack or small - QRP makes you a pioneer, you know) so upload whatever you've got.  Take pictures of your shack, mobile setup, antennas.   Ham radio is people.   Share what you do, your interests, experiences, best QSO, the story of that friend who helped you get a license, your affiliations (military, Skywarn, etc).   It is in all our interests that every one of us, and our hobby, be prominently showcased.  
Your having an AirSho web page gets even better.  AirSho web pages, apps, maps and directories promote new technologies.  Posting any content that appears in your AirSho web page to ALL your social media links, web sites or instant messaging like Twitter is a one click operation.

Ham radio operator solidarity! is a PR tool to increase public awareness of the emergency communications resources and camaraderie of amateur radio operators.  Any licensed ham operator, club or organization is invited to join us in this effort.  Sign up is fast and free to licensed hams. Active hams or clubs are invited to put their red balloon on the AirSho / Google maps instantly.