The greatest hobby in the world!

What exactly is AirSho? 

Pictures are worth 1,000 words

  • AirSho for hams -- web pages, apps, maps and directories --- is designed to promote the great new things about amateur radio.  Active hams are invited to join us by putting your (big red balloon) antenna on our map.  Signing up is fast and easy to of all AirSho is free, and always will be.  Add your QTH to the AirSho directory and maps now.  We can take care of the basic graphics work, if you need help wit that, and it's free.  

  • The right content can make anybody look good (big shack or small - QRP makes you a pioneer, you know) so be prepared to upload whatever you've got -- pictures of your shack or a "build" in progress.  Got a YouTube video of a club meeting, Hamfest or other event?  Share what you do at work or in retirement, your interests or experiences, your best QSO, story of that friend who helped you get a license, affiliations you have (military, ARES, Skywarn, etc), and your QSL card.  Don't have a QSL?  We're happy to create any graphics needed to showcase your operation and charge you nothing for it.  It's inall of our interests that every member be proudly displayed. 

  • To get yourself in the mixstarted, simply add your info with two clicks (or we can sign up for you, all we really need is your email address to get started).  Sign up is fast, free and easy. Any time after that your pics or video, social links, and mapping will be instantly visible and and soon searchable by the outside world. AirSho makes you easily found -- always at your sunday best -- by anyone, anywhere worldwide you've talked to on the air.  The only thing they have to do is type in (or say) is your call letters to tour your area. 

  • Join us.  Click "Add your QTH right's FREE" in the upper right corner or bottom of this page. 

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