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A Kenwood HT saved us

A Kenwood HT saved us

Dec 3 1990 my employer hired a helicopter to take myself & a coworker to Marsh Peak in the Uintah Mountains to perform radio maintenance. On the flight back to town around 3:30PM the aircraft suffered a mechanical failure & crashed at about 10,500 ft. Flipped & rolled 8 times destroying the aircraft.
Luckily I had a Kenwood TH-25 HT in my pocket, obviously nothing on the bird was functional anymore. Contacted other amateurs on the 147.10 repeater, they contacted Civil Air Patrol. Took a while to locate the white helicopter in snow but finally Life Flight landed just as it was getting dark.    
I’m certain that we would have all frozen to death that night. It had been 18F at 10AM at 5200 ft in town. At 10,500 it probably would have dropped to -40F that night. None of us were prepared for those kind of conditions.

Ed Maling  N7MLR

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