G1MHU Robin Moseley

Ham Radio Amateur
Advanced Class at G1MHU
Notton United Kingdom

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  • Contests, DX, Experimenting, 2 Meter Band, 6 meters, 10 Meter Band, 20 Meter Band, 40 meters, Problem solver, Ham radio instructor, SSB, RTTY, PSK31, 23 CM, 70 CM, 12 Meters, 17 Meters, Advanced Class

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Band Conditions

Solar-Terrestrial Data, HF/VHF Conditions

Station details

The Antennas

  • 10m (30 ft Tower) with elevation and the following antennas
  • Pair of 8 Element LFA from G0KSC Innovantennas custom version (same length as the original 9 ele Tonna 3.85m that used to be there)
  • 35 element 1296 MHz Tonna
  • 16 element 432 MHz LFA
  • Pre-amps -LNA MVV 144-VOX & MVV432-VOX and ICOM 23cm LNA   http://www.shf-elektronik.de/en/index.htm
  • LMR -600 on 2m,  Ecoflex 10 on other bands.
  • SPID REAL and RAU Rotators under PC control

HF - Antenna - 4 band HF Wire Dipole  40m, 20m, 17m and 10m, Radioworks Balun and Kevlar wire.

The Shack

  • PC - Lenovo TS-140 Quad core Xeon,  24GB Ram, SSD boot +3TB storage, Soundblaster Z
  • Monitors - 27' Acer, 28" AOC monitor on homebrew pole mount
  • 2x Phonema KSP3 Speakers - great sound
  • Heil Goldline GM5 Dual Mic

2m Station IC-7300 + ME2T PRO II high performance 2m  transverter -  IC-7300 now instead of the K3-10

300w 2m Gemini Solid State Power Amplifier:  

70CM Station - IC-910H with DSP and TCXO, MVV432-VOX LNA, 15 element LFA

HF Station - IC-7300   HF and 6m  with  IC-7200 (backup) ,   Acom 1000 Valve linear amplifier.

Note: See "QSL - Photo Albums" (above) for a tour of the 7300, my favorite rig.

HF Backup rig - IC-7200


VHF NFD Mix and Match Winners 2016, 2014 and  2013 With Telford and District Amateur Radio Society and  1st Place VHF/UHF contest with Ossett ARO 2016

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Why IC-7300 is my favorite

To visit my AirSho web page: Click HereI was able to get the IC-7300 on the air in very little time. Within five minutes of turning on the IC-7300, I was able to:change...

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