MM3AWD Scott Mcleman

Ham Radio Amateur
Peterhead United Kingdom

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More About MM3AWD Scott Mcleman

My name is Scott Mcleman and I am 30 years of age, I live in a small village called Old Deer which is 11 miles west of Peterhead and 30 miles from the Oil & Gas capital of Europe, the city of Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland.

I have been interested in Amateur Radio since I was 8 years of age, and licensed since 2002 as MM3AWD

Since being licensed i have worked close to 300 DXCC.

In early years I only had indoor dipoles.


Very active. Contesting being my main love.

Also a DXCC and award hunter.

I have a portable QTH with 3 acres of land, on a large hill and totally open in all directions. Big plans are afoot to create a competitive contest station from this site.


MM3AWD - Mike Mike Three All Wheel Drive  "Scott Mcleman"

Active On All Modes 

Active On All HF Bands


HF: All Bands
Steppir DB18 @ 100' 

2L 40m Yagi @ 80'

Wire Dipoles & Loops for 160 thru 10

Not Currently Active on VHF


HF: Yaesu FTDX5000MP


FT450D for 6M

Logging Software

Contest: N1MM

General: LOG4OM



 MY DXCC Totals:  MIXED - 295      Confirmed : 256

                                  SSB - 264          Confirmed : 203

                                  CW - 241           Confirmed : 195

                                  DATA - 208       Confirmed : 181


WAS Totals:   Worked - 50

                    Confirmed - 50

Last Updated 18/10/2017


I operate contests mainly from my contest QTH.

It is located on top of a large hill, over 300m ASL, completely open 360 degrees.

There I have a substantial array of antenna's, covering 160-10, with more being added regularly.

Active in all major contests and many others from this site, in all modes.

MM3AWD is very active. I look forward to working you in an upcoming contest, or elsewhere on the bands.

Last contest operated: CQWW DX SSB – SOAB QRP 750 QSO's, 211 MULTS - claimed score = 200,239

Next contest: CQWW DX CW - SOAB QRP

Qsl Policy

My QSL policy is as follows.

I upload all logs to LoTW, eQSL and clublog.

If you wish to have a paper QSL confirming our QSO, please request by oQRS or message me on this page.

Please provide an SAE and necessary postage for direct confirmation.

Please note ***I do not QSL via the bureau***

Solar-Terrestrial Data, HF/VHF Conditions

Tnx to Paul L Herrman N0NBH for data - pls click to donate

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My Yaesu FTDX5000MP

For DX you can pull out very little signal. And for digital you have those nice roofing filters you will notice every signal....

Posted by MM3AWD Scott Mcleman on 11/06/2017

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