W0INF Aaron Olson

Ham Radio Amateur
Technician at W0INF
Ainsworth Iowa 52201

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  • QRP, 2 Meter Band, 6 meters, 10 Meter Band, 15 Meter Band, 20 Meter Band, 40 meters, 75 meters, 80 meters, Technician license, Veteran, ARES, SSB, 12 Meters, 17 Meters, Army

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Solar-Terrestrial Data, HF/VHF Conditions

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Who said "ham wadio is dying"??


  • Ham operators are sharing evidence (videos, blogs, articles, details of great QSOs) which paints a very different picture than Elmer Fudd.  There are now 3 million of us. "There's strength in numbers," said General Dwight D. Eisenhower, "...the more you have fighting a cause the better."  

  • If you've got a ham radio license, you're invited to join the ranks who ARE and PROUDLY VALUE amateur radio.  From a 9 year old girl who just got her tech license, to the ham whose Kenwood HT saved lives in a mountaintop helicopter crash, to the sense of accomplishment an OM felt by simply belonging to an amateur radio emergency service group...every ham operator has a different reason for BEING and ENJOYING the ham radio we know today. 

  • Of course, not everyone wants to be in the spotlight.  No problem.  The most important part of AirSho.com is to increase interest and activity in ham radio by just getting as many licensed hams as possible to add their QTH to our app and maps. The listing (web page) you get is (if ever you need them) loaded with gadgets for promoting yourself or your organization, which results in promoting ham radio.

  • The exciting benefits to being an AirSho member are many.  First, it's free.  Another, you'll discover IF you add any content to your AirSho Ham Radio QSLDirectory web page (ie: videos, photo albums, QSL cards, etc) you will always be able to add, change or delete them.  That is huge (Google it)!!  Add any content to AirSho and each item added automatically generates another listing in search engines which helps us to promote ham radio.     

Why the drones? 

  • Drone members of the AirSho Ham Radio QSL Directory are helping us in more ways than one.  Drones can help string wires across your tallest trees and inspect beams.  Some are hams.  Drones are businesses which makes AirSho FREE to licensed ham operators, clubs and emergency services organizations, which helps us all to promote activity on the bands and amateur radio as the greatest lifelong hobby in the world.  It's win-win deal.

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