KH7CX Alexander Stengel

Ham Radio Amateur
General Class at KH7CX
Honolulu Hawaii 96817

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I am homeless but still send QSL cards... something to hold, feel, and look back on to remember the contact.

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  • QRP, 2 Meter Band

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Submitted by Stacey on Saturday, Oct 07, 2017

This will bring a tear to your eye

One of the heartbreaking facts of Hawaii is the rising number of homeless in our island paradise. Among the 7,900 homeless in Hawaii is KH7CX, Alexander Stengel who survives on handyman jobs. Despite the problems of daily survival and laws against sleeping in cars, Alex manages to eek out a living and enjoy Amateur Radio. “I operate exclusively open-air portable-QRP from a local Beach-Park using a Yaesu FT-817ND powered by an external 9 A/h 12.8 V Lithium Battery Running 5 watts into my self-made resonant monobander “New Carolina Windom” antennas for 20m , 40m or 10m – ( performing just great without any tuner ! ): The antenna is set-up in a flat -” Inverted V ” configuration with the apex at about 7m to 15m (22 to 49 feet) above the ground/sea level. Mainly beaming South and North, hung up between 3 coconut palm-trees. He has managed to work all 7 continents with his setup ( in SSB ). He is homeless but still takes the time to send a QSL card, maybe a lesson for us all.

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