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Middletown New York 10940


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Supporting ham radio operators, radio control aircraft and since 1996!

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  • Actionable Intelligence, Advertising, Aerial Inspections, Agriculture, Archaeological Site Documentation, Architectural Photography, Business & Industry Drone, Cellular/Utility Towers, Civic Special Events, Conservation projects, Digital Editing, Documentary, drone assisted, Drone Degree, Drone, Droner Pilot Training, Drones for good, Exterior Shoots with drone, FAA Part 107 Certified, Farms & Agriculture drone, Flight Planning, Golf Course Flyovers-drone, Graphics Editing, Ground school for drone pilots, Home Inspections, Hotels, golf courses, resorts, Image processing, Inaccessible/Coastal Terrain drone, Indoor Drone Cinematography, Insurance Claim Adjustments drone, Interior Photo & Videography, Journalism drone, Landscaping, Luxury Watercraft Marketing, Marketing, News and Accident Coverage, On-Camera Talent, Outdoor Activities drone, Petroleum & Power-Line Inspections, Photo editing, Photography by drone, Post-Disaster Documentation drone, Precision flight drone, Privacy Respection, Real Estate Drone Shoots, Roofing Inspections w/drone, Security using drone pilot, Site & Asset Inspection, Smart Drone, Smoke/Flare Stacks drone inspect, Social Media Production Service, Sports Shoots w/drones, Sports video editing, Stream & Wetland Monitoring, Surveying with drone, Tree Count & Health Monitoring, TV Commercial Production, Unmanned Aerial System UAS, Veteran Owned Drone Business, Video Editing, Video Shoots w/drone, Visual Effects, Voice-Overs, Weddings, Events, Wildlife management

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