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Supporting ham radio operators, radio control aircraft and since 1996!

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More About Monterey Drone

Our UAS / Drones

Using the latest technology, we have one of the most versatile fleets of UAS / Drones for your everyday needs. Our drones are capable of a multitude of operations including:

  • Real Estate
  • Websites
  • Agriculture
  • Commercial Video
  • Construction
  • Home Inspection
  • Surveying
  • City Planning
  • Tourism
  • Wedding Photography
  • Sports
  • Forestry
  • Conservation
  • NIR Imaging
  • NDVI Farm inspections
  • Hi-Res Mapping
  • Crop Health Analysis
  • Landscaping
  • Search and Rescue
  • Interior shoots available as well…..

These aerial photography and video platforms perfectly fill the aerial photography gap between the ground and the low level limitations of a full sized air craft such as helicopters. Using remotely controlled quad copters we can obtain photographs or video footage from ground level up to 400 feet above the ground, utilizing airspace previously unavailable to full sized aircraft.

If you are interested in any of our aerial photography or aerial video services please  contact us from our contact page or call us at (831) 917-0611.

333 Exemption No. 11271 
Part 107 Certification
Monterey Drone inc. has been granted an exemption (No.99) from the FAA:
Monterey Drone inc. has registered UAS aircraft / FAA compliant registration
Agency: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Parent Agency: Department of Transportation (DOT)

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High or Low Altitude

We are ~ Monterey Drone Inc -- a veteran owned business....

Posted by Monterey Drone on 12/25/2016

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