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San Diego California

(805) 890-1991

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  • 2014
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  • (805) 890-1991
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More About Birds Eye Aerial Drones, LLC

Birds Eye Aerial Drones, LLC is a Veteran-owned business, owned and operated by Scott Painter, an FAA licensed pilot with a complex high performance rating. Mr. Painter has been piloting for 17 years and has been active in model radio controlled aviation for 20+ years. He has thousands of hours experience in combined full scale and model aviation, has an extensive military aviation background and a B.S. degree in Aviation Management. Mr. Painter is also a member of the Local 600, the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). Birds Eye Aerial Drones, LLC currently operates 3 different types of sUAS.

Who Are We?

San Diego based Aerial Videography/Photography Company. We specialize in Sports, Events, Mapping/Inspections, Real Estate and more.

Why Us?

FAA Approved*, Insured, Licensed, Registered, Local 600 Member, AMA Member, AOPA Member, 20+ years experience and Veteran-Owned.

*Birds Eye Aerial Drones, LLC was one of the first 500 companies in the US to obtain a 333 Exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This makes us one of an elite group of companies in the country APPROVED for the commercial use of drones.

What We Do:

Film & Television Aerial Cinematography ~ Mapping/Inspections ~ Sports ~ Real Estate ~ Events ~ Weddings ~ Construction ~ Architecture ~ Insurance ~ More

Capture the energy, excitement and electricity of your next sporting event with aerial video footage.

We specialize in inspecting/mapping terrains and objects in a quick and cost effective manner. sUAS aided inspections improve the quality and safety, increase the frequency and reduce the costs of inspections all at the same time.

Give your luxury listing the cutting edge using our sUAS to create a marketing campaign from an entirely new perspective. We show potential buyers a never-before-seen view of your property, to include roof quality and property boundaries. Let us tell the story that will get your listing SOLD!

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