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Lloyd grew up in Evergreen Colorado where he grew a deep appreciation for nature and the mountains. During High School, he headed the video production department where he learned the beginnings for his photography and cinematography that he now uses today. In 2010, Lloyd graduated high school and set out for a new life in Lake Tahoe.

Sierra Nevada College exposed Lloyd to a new world of entrepreneurial thinking and fine art. Although he was a ski business major, he connected with the art students, learning a deeper appreciation of the arts. After a few years of College, Lloyd set out to shred the legendary Swiss Alps.

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Lloyd founded Drone Promotions in 2013 while interning for the International Ski Federation (FIS). There, settled within the majestic Swiss alp's, Lloyd found his passion for aerial photography and cinematography. Back then it was a GoPro strapped to the bottom of a tiny quadcopter, but the ability to capture new aerial angles astounded him.

 Since then, Lloyd returned to Tahoe where he spent the last few years developing his company, Drone Promotions. Lloyd graduated from Sierra Nevada College in May of 2015 with a major in Ski Resort Business and a passion for film and entrepreneurship.

 Today Lloyd lives just above old downtown Truckee, CA, which he uses as his home-base for capturing the world from above. In addition to his background, Lloyd is also a FAA Part-107 licensed sUAV Pilot with hundreds of hours flight experience.

 What makes aerial photography so unique for Lloyd is the feeling of the unseen. Drones bridge the gap from what we can capture on the ground to what we can capture from traditional aerial platforms such as helicopters and airplanes. Here, drones can soar above 6ft, up to 400ft where helicopters typically hover. Allowing Lloyd a whole new world of aerial angles of Tahoe's most iconic mountains and beaches that have remained largely unseen--until now. This is what makes Lloyd's photography stand out from the more traditional, ground photography.

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Drone Promotions uses state-of-the-art equipment to consistently provide the best video and photography possible. We have several sUAV's in our fleet as well as my own set of full production camera gear. I currently fly the DJI Inspire 1 RAW and DJI Inspire Pro. To keep all of my gear safe I have a strategic parntership with Go Professional Cases for superior sUAV protection.

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Drone Promotions uses state-of-the-art video & photo equipment to create full production online and TV-based promotional content. I work with clients in numerous markets including...

Posted by Lloyd Garden on 10/24/2016

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