Print Posted by K4SWV Santa John Dreggors on 10/02/2017

Ham Radio Hurricane Irma


"...those power lines don't help. Everyone here is hunkered down as of 5 PM...everyone should have been where they  needed to be. Great job with your setup. I will tell your viewers that we have known each other for a few years now have talked on the phone and met in person several times.  You are the real deal a class act and a brother in Christ who I am proud to call a friend. We have learned a lot things from each other and share like minded Ideas.And that is what it's all about and we pay it forward and  try to help others with what we have learned and what really is going on out there. As I always say.......We will prepare for the worst and pray for the best and know that God is in control."


"Glad I'm not alone with having my multiple radios and constant sound going from every direction. It was easy to understand you because I'm so used to that exact sound.  lol. Great video. Thank you. 73 Chad"


"Thanks for the update . I hope to be able to get into some Ham radio really soon . I have a CB radio , however I think having both would increase my chances of being able to hear what is going on a wider spectrum ."


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