What's an AirSho For Ham Radio?

A ham operated web site proving critics wrong

Who said "ham wadio is dying"?  Elmer Fudd?

  • Ham operators are sharing evidence they find (videos, blogs, articles, QSOs) that paint a very different picture.  If you're a licensed ham, you're invited to join our ranks.  There are 3 million of us world wide.  "There's strength in numbers," said General Eisenhower, "the more you have fighting a cause the better."

  • There are countless benefits to being an AirSho member, some of which we cannot advertise or promote but which you will soon discover after joining us. One of them I can share... if you add content to your AirSho web page like video or blogs or reviews, logos or pictures -- you will always be able to add, change or delete them.   That's huge!!  Because when you upload content to social media, say, Facebook, you cannot delete them....they gotcha, they own it.  God only knows why these folks are brazenly are stealing your stuff.  Google it.

Why the drones?  They're more than sponsors.  

  • Drone members of the AirSho Directory are helping ham operators in more ways than one:

    1. Drones can help string wires across your tallest trees and inspect beams.  Drone pilots in this directory are FAA tested and licensed.  Some are hams.

    2. Drones are businesses which makes AirSho possible, and FREE (and always will be) to licensed hams, to help us promote amateur radio.

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